The Ultimate Back Non Exercise

The most productive 20 minute lie down with your feet up you’ve ever had!


The following exercise is great as a relief to the lower back and can really help prolapsed disks, compression of the spine, curvature of the spine and certain nerve impingements.

It is an exercise that allows the vertebrae to relax and release, it provides gentle traction or stretching of the spine to undo what gravity has done through the years.  Allowing your spine to open a little will greatly improve pains of the lower back and help whatever is impinging on the nerve to slightly separate and give you pain relief.

For a more detailed description of this exercise please go to the ‘5 keys to pain relief’, this short post is designed as a reminder to do this exercise as there isn’t the space to fully detail it here.

So the exercise in brief:

Lay on your back with your legs bent over a chair/ sofa/ pouf/ foot stool/ side table etc.  The idea is to have your hips/legs at 90 degrees and your knees bent at 90 degrees.  The support your legs rest on should be just about high enough to give a slight lift of the tailbone off the floor.

The exercise should be done in a draft free space and performed for roughly 20 mins twice a day.

I obviously can’t confirm this exercise will help you but please try it as it does wonders for the lower back.  If it is uncomfortable or painful to lie in the above position then stop and realise you need more help, I obviously do hope it has helped you but if not then you will need an appointment.

to your health,