Hello, I’m Bryan Chant and I would like to welcome you to my clinic page. I have extensive experience with loosening the muscles of the body and helping joints to realign naturally.

Many people think they are coming just to have something treated, a massage or certain work on a specific painful area. They are surprised to find that I give more than this, I work as a holistic practitioner so you don’t just get a treatment, you get an understanding, an in depth discussion, help (coaching) on any sticky bits in your life. You will be surprised at just how much you can be understood and helped in just one session. Many links to how unknown areas of your life will be revealed and how they contribute to your problem.

I am trained in western and Chinese medicine so for me it is very easy to help you make the link between a western diagnosis and how that plays out in your life from a holistic perspective.

This all relates to getting you out of pain in what ever capacity, I can work with your back (shoulder, hip, knee, neck etc)  while picking up on contributing factors, that is, life style analysis that got you in pain the first place.

I run a busy practice built on personal recommendation, I am considered a secret weapon to some people and to others a simple blessing, for me, I’m just doing what I love.

My qualifications are: Diploma Tui-Na, BSc(Hons) Acupuncture, BSc (Hons) Psychology. Numerous body work and massage courses, bio-mechanics, Sports Medicine and NLP training. I practice 5 Element, TCM and Classical styles of Acupuncture.