Just a note to formally wish you the compliments of the season and to thank you for the work you have done on my back, height and lung capacity over the past few weeks.  It has been a very rewarding experience for me.  I wish you well for your future.  Jim Burke

What an experience I had last Tues!  Can’t wait for the next one.  That night i slept for six solid hours, a very rare achievement for me, i was also able to get out of bed the next morning without any groaning!  In fact, all mornings since have been the same, so you performed some miracle on something or other.  Cynthia

Bryan, thanks for all your help this year.  I feel like a different person!  Kelly

Bryan, thank you so much for all the fab acupuncture and for making me laugh!  All the very best for the future.  Lara

Some people think they make a difference but some people actually do.  Karen

Thanks Bryan, I feel spacious/ stress free.  Thanks so much again; the sessions with you have shifted ‘stuff’ more than any other therapy I’ve had around anxiety/ panic…yay :-), KS

Both of my parents are GPs so I was naturally sceptical about how Acupuncture could help me with my migraines. I have not had a migraine now for months because as I understand it the root cause of my migraines had nothing to do with my head but something else that needed nourishment. I remember that only after a few treatments I was still denying that Acupuncture helped and it must be something else. Even though I still can’t get my head around it, I am grateful to Bryan for not only relieving my migraines but to stopping them coming back. JD

Once Brian sorted out my lower back pain and told me what to do to prevent it coming back, I recommend him to anyone I see hobbling around” CT

I was simply cynical that Bryan could help my hayfever because I have tried everything. I used to suffer from blocked sinuses, waking up sneezing in the morning and have a constant nasal drip all day long for roughly 5 months of the year. I think my husband had written me off for ever getting hayfever free and he seems the most surprised out of two of us. Alice

My tennis elbow cleared up in a few treatments, I now know the difference between golfers elbow and tennis elbow. Thanks for helping me get back to my golf game Bryan. John

I have suffered with migraines and neck and shoulder tension for years. Even though I feel my neck and shoulders are still stiff, I know what to do to keep them loose. I have been migraine free now for months and look forward to my top-up sessions with Bryan. Karen