Heat Heals

This post will guide you through the misconceptions of when to ice and when to heat.



We’ve often learnt to apply ice to an injury, painful site or what ever isn’t working properly.

There is definitely a time for cooling/ freezing an injury but only when it is fresh.  If you sprained your ankle then getting out the frozen peas would stop the swelling by contracting the area affected.  Once the area has stopped swelling then Ice should be avoided and heat applied instead.

Heat Heals

If the area isn’t in the swelling phase then use heat!  Heat will help soften the area, increase circulation, get the blood flowing, increase lymph drainage and most importantly help your body to heal the area.

I deal mainly with chronic pain as I take the time to get things moving, I wouldn’t be able to move the area if I froze it, I have to warm it through.  Making a joint or muscle cold will stagnate the area and the healing process too!

It’s simple, if your injury is not in the swelling process use heat because heat heals!  For further information please see the 5 keys to pain relief, where I elaborate more on the different hot/cold therapies (hot, cold and hot&cold).

To your healing